Our Story


MIAYA handcrafted bags were designed to be worn with elegance and sophistication all year long.

With inspiration for the designs from the Egyptian heritage and the world of mysticism, combined with the rhythmic, simple sound of the Japanese word, MIAYA, the brand  is truly all about ‘beautiful designs.’.

Founded in 2007, by Egyptian designer, Nayera Moukhtar, MIAYA is the brainchild of an artist’s love for wearable art .

Our brand is the product of years of experiencing different handcraft cultures and having a detailedeye for inspirational mood boards found in places where these crafts are created.MIAYA is for the bold and the edgy, the playful and the elegant, the sharp and the comfortable;it is for the woman who stands out with her beautiful simplicity, with a pop of bedazzle in her hand. Our customer is themodern woman, whose definition of fashion is art made wearable.From design to production, MIAYA products go through a process of delicate designing, creating, and fine-tuning to bring you luxury and quality pieces.


As lover of handmade art and handcrafts, Nayera has spent most of her childhood learning the definition of creativity, art, and handcrafts from her elders.

Her father and grandmother introduced her to the world of artistry as a young girl and left her to experiment and explore the world of arts and craftsmanship.

They passed on the knowledge and wisdom that they have learnt from their years of making crafts to a young mind, who translated this into true wearable art today.

Through her creative journey, Nayera graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Egypt, explored the world of furniture design in Italy, and worked in the renowned design firms in Dubai. She explored all kinds of design and crafts; she even designed her own wedding, and made all the centerpieces and decorations by hand.

Nayera’s love for textiles, patterns and materials inspired her to set on a pursuit of design and handcrafts. Her emotions are her gateway to creativity, and MIAYA is her objet d’art.